Co-founders of Art Initiative

Co-founders of Art Initiative

Kimberley Campbell, Principal and Co-Founder
Ms. Campbell brings 23 years of experience in the arts to her role at Art Initiative. After earning an MA degree in Art History from Tufts University in Boston, she accepted the position of manager of Harcus Gallery in the Back Bay area. She was awarded a curatorial internship at the renowned Institute of Contemporary Art before returning to her native Atlanta in 1990. Ms. Campbell took on the role of gallery manager at the McIntosh Gallery in Midtown Atlanta and for 4 years helped to establish it in Atlanta’s competitive arts environment. Most recently, she has worked as a consultant for designers, architects and corporate clients, developing specific design and artwork solutions for an array of diverse projects. Ms. Campbell has served on the board of directors of The Atlanta Contemporary Arts Center and has also been an instructor at the Atlanta College of Art. She is a member of the Association of Professional Art Advisors and an active board member of The Arts Section.

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Kristen Rolando, Principal and Co-Founder
Ms. Rolando’s 22 year career in the arts began after earning her BFA from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where she studied Art History and Studio Art, she went on to study metal work and glass at the Penland School of Crafts. Ms. Rolando began her career at The Green Hill Center for NC Art, a non-profit organization dedicated to the exhibition and promotion of NC artists, and worked as gallery manager there until 1991. She then worked as sales director for the Evelyn Bengston Gallery, a prominent commercial gallery in Greensboro, before relocating to Atlanta in 1993. Through her work as an art consultant for 8 years for a leader in the hospitality artwork and framing industry, she refined her ability to manage large-scale projects for designers and architects. Ms. Rolando is a member of the Network of Executive Women in Hospitality and has been cited in art publications including Art Business News, Atlanta Woman and The Guild Sourcebook. She is a member of the Association of Professional Art Advisors.

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Kira Kuhn, Senior Art Consultant
Kira Kuhn began her career in the arts 14 years ago after attending the University of Georgia and graduating with a dual bachelor’s degree in Art History and French. While at UGA, Kira was a curatorial intern at the Georgia Museum of Art. After college, Kira went to work for a prominent Atlanta art gallery where she began focusing her skills on working with designers and regional artists. Kira then worked alongside Art Initiative cofounder Kristen Rolando at a leading Art Consulting Firm in Atlanta, focusing on corporate art consulting and framing. Kira then went on to manage the showroom at a leader in fine art publishing industry based in Atlanta. As Showroom Manager, she worked with a group of 50 artists, and continued to hone her skills as an art consultant working with some of the top interior designers in the Southeast.

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Madeleine Fay, Art Consultant
Madeleine Fay began her career in the arts 12 years ago after graduating from Knox College with a degree in Art History. Madeleine first worked as assistant curator at the Kalona Quilt & Textile Museum in Kalona, Iowa, caring for permanent and visiting collections. After moving to Chicago, she managed an art and custom framing gallery for 4 years building a strong corporate and collector clientele. Madeleine relocated to Atlanta in 2002, and became an integral part of the design team at a prominent Atlanta design industry art resource. As an art consultant there for 4 years, Madeleine worked closely with interior designers and architects to place artwork in projects across the United States.

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